About Us

Glenda Gilson is a name we all associate with fashion and style. Having built a career from modelling to TV presenting Glenda is introducing a range of delicate and elegant jewellery in gold, rose gold and sterling silver. Having her own product is something Glenda has always wanted, and jewellery was a natural fit for her. There are five designs in the collection and Glenda has always been a lover of tiny jewellery so delicate, elegant jewellery was the perfect collection to create. She wanted to work with high quality sterling silver and 18k gold plating and each piece is hallmarked in Dublin Castle Assay office.

"I have always worn jewellery especially delicate jewellery since my modelling days and I've been known for my layering and mixing of metals. I've travelled all over the world and picked up jewellery pieces along the way. My first collection is inspired by everyday things around me. I wanted a collection that was durable, versatile and affordable. I feel jewellery is personel to everyone. I sketched out some of my favourite symbols and worked with a goldsmith to create the designs and shapes. Each of the symbols reflect and define a little about me and my life."